BOOKS is a shop up the alley at 125 rye lane, peckham, SE15. open 3/4 days a week (depending on the week), check instagram for this weeks opening times or text (only txt plz 07709117224).

this website has a v small selection of mainly zines & other bits - but best to come in person for the full experience.

RIP dead trees and dye zine distro - viva BOOKS.

xoxo Peter


The shop is situated about 10 meters off Rye Lane up a cobbled alleyway. There is a ramp leading into the shopspace with a 1 1/2 inch step. The shop itself fits 2 people comfortably, 3 in a squeeze, but normally there are 2 - 4 tables outside to browse too. I normally play music inside the shop. There is no obligation to buy anything or talk to me :) The books aren't in any order, and everything is priced in pencil inside the front cover, or on a little post it in the zines/new stuff. If there is any way small or large to make yr visit easier please email me or text, for example turning the music off/down, making sure there is somewhere to sit clear, etc.