BOOKS is a shop at 20 Maxted Road, Peckham (entrance on Oglander road next to Quickprint). It used to be up the alley at 125 Rye Lane. Open Thursday - Sunday mostly but best to check instagram for this weeks opening times or text (only txt plz 07709117224).

this website has a v small selection of mainly zines & other bits - but best to come in person for the full experience. I get new stuff every week and never update this webpage.

RIP dead trees and dye zine distro - viva BOOKS.

xoxo Peter


The new shop in indoors on the corner of a residential street, inbetween 2 other shops. There is a ramp leading into the shop up about half a foot over the doorframe and then down around a foot into the shop. The ramps in is quite steep. I'm trying to improve access so will update here as and when it gets easier. There is a disabled parking bay directly across the street from the shop on Oglander Road but on the shop side its single yellow lines anyway so you are more than welcome to park up there to visit.

The shop itself is 2 rooms, both around 4ft by 7ft (ish), with an open doorway inbetween and a 2cm ish step down from the first to the second. There is normally stuff outside to browse too. I normally play music inside the shop. There is no obligation to buy anything or talk to me :) The books aren't in any order, and everything is priced in pencil inside the front cover, or on a little post it in the zines/new stuff. If there is any way small or large to make yr visit easier please email me or text, for example turning the music off/down, making sure there is somewhere to sit clear, etc.

There is a toilet. Dogs are allowed.


BOOKS is just me, and is only open Thurs - Sun because I have to work elsewhere the rest of the time to pay the rent and live. AKA at the moment the shop doesn't make enough money to pay anyone (incl me) so there's no jobs going sorry. Maybe in the future fingers crossed but right now sorry & good luck.